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Helsinki invests in cultural activities for its elderly citizens

Helsinki invests in cultural activities for its elderly citizens

It has set aside EUR 1.3 million for arts and culture projects that promote the inclusion of older people

In many countries, senior citizens often feel ignored and forgotten. For many, every day feels the same as time passes slowly and in loneliness. This is a serious issue that many cities have recently begun addressing, launching various initiatives that put a spotlight on elderly individuals and their needs.

On 19 April, the Finnish capital took a step towards improving the lives of its senior citizens, announcing that it has set aside EUR 1.3 million for cultural activities targeting the elderly. More specifically, the City of Helsinki will provide financing in the form of grants to promote projects that bring cultural activities closer to seniors.

The projects should place particular emphasis on promoting the inclusion and empowerment of older people. In addition to this, they must consider those living at home by, for example, implementing digital solutions.

To ensure that everyone can find something they are interested in, the activities must be diverse and in various fields. As such, the elderly must be able to choose from theatre, dance, circus, music, film, handicrafts, and visual arts.

A growing elderly population

Explaining why it is crucial to promote cultural activities for the elderly, the Finnish capital notes that more than 114,000 people living in the city are over the age of 65. In just a decade, this number has increased by 26,000. What is more, it is expected to grow even further in the coming years.

Expanding on this, the City of Helsinki reports that the share of its elderly population is forecasted to rise from the current 17% to more than 21% by 2049. In other words, the current number of senior citizens would increase by more than 67,000 over the next three decades.



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