A cyclist taking videos of the streets, Source: City of Helsinki

Helsinki invites cyclists to collect data on street conditions and earn money

Helsinki invites cyclists to collect data on street conditions and earn money

On average, participants can earn around EUR 2 per kilometre

From Saturday 10 July, cyclists in Helsinki will be able to earn money doing what they love whilst simultaneously helping the municipality repair damaged streets. This was announced on 28 June when the City of Helsinki shared that all residents are invited to take part in a game to map out 300 kilometres of cycling paths in the capital.

How can you participate?

In a press release, the City of Helsinki reports that anyone can participate as long as they have a bicycle and a smartphone. To take part, one must simply download the free application Crowdchupa and attach their phone to their bicycle. The device will then record footage of the streets and Artificial Intelligence will be used to identify damage that must be repaired.

To make this even more interesting, the Crowdchupa application will allow participants to earn money. The application features a map which depicts various objects (such as coins and berries) on the streets. Cyclists must drive over these virtual objects to collect them and earn money. These objects and their respective monetary worth are listed on the application’s website as follows:

  • Coins: EUR 0.05
  • Blueberries: EUR 0.25
  • Cherries: EUR 0.50
  • Lemons: EUR 1.00
  • Strawberries: EUR 2.00

CEO of Crowdchupa Toni Paju revealed that users can earn approximately EUR 2.00 for every kilometre they cycle.

Both pedestrian paths and bicycle lanes will be recorded

Helsinki’s street maintenance project manager Antti Takkunen commented on this new experiment, noting that separate devices have previously been used to collect data on pedestrian paths and bicycle lanes. Now, data can be recorded easily with the help of Helsinki’s cyclists who will not only physically benefit from the exercise but also receive monetary rewards.

It must be noted that the Crowdchupa application will also be used to map the street conditions in the Finnish cities of Tampere, Vaasa, Kuopio, Vihti, and Paimio.

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