Helsinki launches competition for creative recycling solutions

Helsinki launches competition for creative recycling solutions

The goal of the initiative is to involve citizens in the problem-solving process while simultaneously working towards improving the city

The Finnish capital of Helsinki has launched a brand-new initiative aimed at finding the best ideas for recycling in the city. The initiative takes on the shape of a competition that will allow citizens to pitch their ideas for how to improve recycling in a way that is smart, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly – viable and effective.

Involving each and every citizen

The goal of the recycling idea competition is to find new-age urban and compact recycling solutions for homes to facilitate sorting in everyday life. The competition period will last until the end of the year and the winning ideas will be rewarded with cash prizes or new recycling innovations.

The competitions itself is divided into two so-called sets – heavy and light. The heavy series of the competition is aimed especially at designers and the three best solutions will be awarded with cash prizes: 1st place € 2,000, 2nd place € 1,000, 3rd place € 750. In the light series, ideas are collected in the form of a challenge, from those interested in recycling. The winner has the chance to get one of the competition’s winning recycling solutions to their home or win a € 90 food gift card.

The idea from the competition derived from the fact that while most Helsinki residents actively contribute to recycling, a significant portion of them would like to be more active. Thus, through the competition, it is hoped that a solution will be found that will bring joy and ease to sorting.

The proposed solutions are expected to be aesthetically pleasing with a timeless design, to be functional and to be sustainable themselves, made out of eco-friendly materials. The deadline for submissions is until the end of the year with trials to be held after that in household environments.



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