All residents are welcome to participate in the tours

Helsinki Metropolitan Area offers residents 125 guided tours in nature

Helsinki Metropolitan Area offers residents 125 guided tours in nature

Excursions will be free of charge

After many months of snow, rain, and freezing temperatures, spring is finally upon us. With the sun shining and the flowers blooming, everyone is eager to step outdoors and be in nature again. Knowing this, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area has now published its 2022 Nature Trip Calendar.

According to a press release, the calendar features 125 guided tours to nature sites in Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, and Kauniainen. To learn more about the tours, one can pick up their copy of the 2022 calendar from the cities’ libraries and customer service points at the turn of April-May. Alternatively, they can also view the calendar online via their municipality’s website.

The benefits of being in nature

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, many have quickly learned that being in nature has numerous benefits. More specifically, it has the power to calm the mind when one is stressed and worried whilst simultaneously taking care of the body's physical wellbeing.

To ensure that the tours in nature are accessible and attractive for all, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is offering the excursions for free. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions as one must pay for their ferry trip if the tour includes one. Similarly, while there is generally no need to register before a tour, some excursions will require prior registration.

Once again assuring residents that they are all welcome to enjoy the region’s nature tours, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area stresses that participants are not required to be especially fit as normal fitness will be good enough for all trips. Acknowledging that the guided tours will be attractive for families, the organisers have also prepared barrier-free trails suitable for children’s needs. 

While the 2022 nature trip calendar features many guided tours, it also lists numerous self-guided trips where residents can enjoy the comfort and peace offered by nature on their own. 



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