Food tourism is rapidly gaining popularity

Helsinki seeks to become a food tourism destination

Helsinki seeks to become a food tourism destination

As of this month, the capital has 7 Michelin-starred restaurants

On 29 September, the Finnish capital revealed that it wants to become an attractive food tourism destination. In recent months, Helsinki’s reputation as such a location has reportedly grown as more and more restaurants receive recognition for their success.

Jukka-Pekka Tolvanen from the City of Helsinki discussed the importance of attracting food tourists, noting that food tourism is rapidly growing in popularity. What is more, it will ensure year-round tourism which will benefit the economy.

“Food tourism is a growing trend worldwide and it is important that Helsinki stays in the competition. In addition, the indirect effects of food tourism, on, for example, tax revenues and employment are significant,” commented Tolvanen.

International and national recognition

Helsinki has reportedly invested in food tourism by supporting businesses in the industry. More specifically, it has facilitated licensing and accessibility, among others. Now, it has begun to further invest in developing an environment that encourages the development of restaurants and chefs.

In doing so, the capital encourages professionals in the field to compete in national and international competitions. According to the Finnish city, competing in such events is important as it brings people’s attention to what Finland has to offer in terms of food tourism.

Discussing such competitions, Helsinki reported that its restaurants have been particularly successful this autumn. Taking a case in point, Helsinki’s restaurant Finnjävel Salonki received a Michelin star, becoming the capital’s seventh Michelin-starred restaurant. Beyond this, the restaurant Metsäravintola Nielu received national recognition, winning the Finnish Food Tourism Competition.

Finally, it is important to note that the internationally acclaimed chef’s competition Bocude d’Or took place this week in Lyon, France. This year, the competition saw talented Finnish chefs compete as they attempt to gain international recognition for their efforts.

Ultimately, the City of Helsinki believes it has everything it needs to grow and become one of the world’s most attractive food tourism destinations.



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