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Helsinki will promote walking with a new programme

Helsinki will promote walking with a new programme

The Walking Helsinki Vision 2030 will improve public health and create a cleaner city

Helsinki wants to become a carbon-neutral, habitable, healthy, and competitive capital. For this reason, it has now proposed its first walking promotion programme, Walking Helsinki Vision 2030. With this programme, the Finnish capital seeks to promote sustainable urban mobility, improve public health, and reduce traffic emissions.

Walking is the healthiest way to move

In a press release, Helsinki reported that it plans to invest in walking environments, traffic and social safety, as well as functionality. By investing in the improvement of walking conditions, it will promote this healthy method of transportation.

General Plan Manager Pasi Rajala commented on this, noting: “Walking is an integral part of city life and social interaction. It is the most functional, space-efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy way to move.”

Improving city life

In addition to the health benefits, walking also has numerous advantages for urban life and the environment. First, it reduces harmful emissions caused by vehicles and public transport. As such, the Walking Helsinki Vision 2030 supports the climate goals set in the city strategy and the Carbon Neutral 2035 action programme.

Second, investing in the improvement of walking conditions may result in economic growth. Explaining how this occurs, the City of Helsinki claimed that the creation of comfortable walking environments will increase the number of pedestrians. According to studies, a high number of pedestrians can positively affect the area, the value of residential and commercial properties, as well as the tax generated by business operations.

Rajala further shared: “Walking is not just about traffic but also about using urban space – how the city is experienced and how it works.” Expanding on this, the city explained that its goal will be to create an extensive network of services that will be easily accessible to all, regardless of time, income levels or car ownership.

In this way, Helsinki creates new opportunities for its residents while simultaneously ensuring cleaner air, less emissions, and better public health. The Urban Environment Board will consider the proposal for the city’s first walking promotion programme at its meeting on 8 June.



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