One of the finalists is the Italian city of Cagliari, on the island of Sardinia

Here are the finalists for the EU Green Capital and Green Leaf awards for 2024

Here are the finalists for the EU Green Capital and Green Leaf awards for 2024

The winners will be announced during a ceremony in Grenoble, France, in October

Today, EU authorities announced the finalist cities in the European Green Capital and European Green Leaf contests for 2024. For the EU Green Capital, the finalists are Valencia in Spain and Cagliari in Italy. For the Green Leaf award, the cities are Elsinor in Denmark, Velenje in Solvenia and Bistrița in Romania.

Now the finalist applicants will have to prepare a presentation of their bids to enact green policy for a jury. The presentation will take place in October, and shortly after the winners will be announced. The ceremony itself will be held in Grenoble, France, which is also this year’s EU Green Capital.

Boosting green developments at the local level

While there can only be one Green Capital, each year the EU Commission selects two cities for the Green Leaf award. In 2022, for instance, the winners were Gabrovo (Bulgaria) and Lappeenranta (Finland). At the same time, the Green Leaf award targets smaller towns that have between 20,000 and 99,000 inhabitants.

This is so the climate action achievements of smaller urban areas are usually overshadowed by the larger counterparts, who also have larger budgets and can enact more sweeping measures. The winning cities will be recognised based on what they have already achieved, but also what they have planned for the winning year.

Furthermore, the award is not a token of prestige, but also comes with a grant that would help municipalities to where they need to be. For the Green Leaf award, that means 75,000 euros per winner, while for Green Capital, the sum is 350,000.



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