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Here are the most driver-friendly cities in Poland

Here are the most driver-friendly cities in Poland

Cities were ranked in two categories – above and below 300,000 inhabitants, so there are two winners

Car parts companies Yanosik and Oponeo have teamed up to produce once again the annual ranking of most driver-friendly cities in Poland in 2021. The winners were announced in two categories, taking into account how local drivers find conditions for driving, parking, charging and refuelling cars, as well as buying insurance and replacing flat tires.

Gdansk - the favourite Polish city for drivers

To determine the most driving-friendly Polish cities, Yanosik (producer of a road warning system) and Oponeo (tires and rims dealer) divided cities according to their population, taking 300,000 people as a threshold. Cities in each group were then assessed by specialists in eight different categories: driving speed, current fuel prices, insurance and tire replacement costs, number of collisions, availability of parking spaces, carsharing and electrically friendly infrastructure.

The authors of the ranking believe that this system summarises the city's degree of openness to the daily needs of drivers. Hence, the ranking produced two winners: Gdańsk with larger cities and Częstochowa among the cities with fewer than 300,000 inhabitants.

The ranking in the higher category looks like this:

  1. Gdansk – 47 points
  2. Lodz – 42 points
  3. Warsaw – 38 points
  4. Poznań and Szczecin – 37 points
  5. Kraków, Bydgoszcz and Lublin – 36 points
  6. Wrocław – 28 points.

The smaller category (which is based on a different point allocation system) looks like this:

  1. Częstochowa – 51 points
  2. Sosnowiec – 50 points
  3. Rzeszów – 48 points
  4. Gliwice – 43 points
  5. Kielce – 42 points
  6. Katowice and Radom – 38 points
  7. Gdynia – 37 points
  8. Białystok and Toruń – 36 points.

It is interesting to note as well that Gdansk has steadily progressed to the top since its 6th place in 2018. Gdansk owns its high position to the low average number of collisions, good offers for shared driving subscriptions, and good infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. Gdansk is also the city where one can most easily rent a car; it is also one of the cheapest places to refuel and replace a tire.

Likewise, Czestochowa is one of the smaller cities with the lowest average number of collisions per inhabitant, and it is cheap for refuelling. Car insurances there are also the cheapest to buy among all analyzed cities under 300,000 inhabitants.

For detailed data, check out the full ranking on Oponeo’s website.



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