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Here is how Turin helps its seniors cope with the heat

Here is how Turin helps its seniors cope with the heat

The city implements a summer emergency plan

The City of Turin has set in motion its ‘Operational plan for the 2021 heat emergency’ since 1 July, with the period when it will be available extending until 30 September. This is an annual initiative that the authorities organize during the summer months as a way to help elderly residents get through the tough climatic conditions. The double onslaught of high temperatures and elevated humidity can be taxing for health.

Seniors are especially frail and vulnerable in hot temperatures

More specifically, one of the main tools of the ‘Heat emergency plan’ is the call centre for the Elderly Aid Service, which is operational every day from 9.00 to 17.00 (after 17.00 and on weekends it re-directs to the switchboard of the Municipal Police).

This service performs a real "phone sentinel" function, both during the summer and in the rest of the year. Its operators listen, advise, provide information, accept requests for help with the collaboration of a team made up of voluntary service.

The volunteers come from associations working in that field. They compose a “task force”, so to speak, that can ensure, especially for the lonely elderly, accompanying services for medical visits, small errands, receiving retirement checks and a few hours of company at home.

The Department of Welfare, in collaboration with the Local Health Authority of the City of Turin and family doctors, has also provided, on the recommendation of said GPs, a series of home interventions for the self-sufficient elderly, both by resorting to professional operators and to voluntary associations.

For people living in non-self-sufficient conditions and with serious health problems, health care or home help services are directly activated by the City’s health services.

During the summer, and based on the weather forecasts, the Municipal Civil Protection will provide further information on interventions and initiatives that are useful in dealing with any heat waves that may occur.

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