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Homeland Earth: campaign promoting a sense of global community in the face of crises

Homeland Earth: campaign promoting a sense of global community in the face of crises

A worldwide campaign launched by the Austrian Peace Centre in Burgenland

“Homeland Earth” is a campaign that will promote global cooperation to increase the sense of togetherness particularly in times of crisis such as climate change, wars, or health pandemics. The campaign is an initiative of the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR) in Stadtschlaining, Burgenland.

A 20-page planetary manifesto that could be signed online by anyone, is currently supported by 40 organisations and multiple renowned scientists.  

“With the increasing planetary challenges, we have witnessed in recent years, from the refugee crises to Covid-19, the urge to initiate this Homeland Earth campaign grew stronger in me. We cannot solve all these challenges alone and must therefore counteract the retreat into nationalism,” ASPR director Mag. Gudrun Kramer explained the motivation behind the campaign.

Emotional connection with your homeland and the entire Planet

The campaign focuses on recognising what all people share with one another and with the nature that surrounds them. The campaign addresses a number of issues, many of which are of great interest to young people. The idea is to develop an emotional connection similar to that which each person has with their own country and to extend that connection to the entire Planet.

Edgar Morin, a French philosopher, was the inspiration for the "Homeland Earth" campaign. On 8 July 2021, Morin will celebrate his 100th birthday and his book Terre Patrie where he developed this idea.

People can contribute by expanding or commenting on the manifesto or by making a passport cover “Citizen of Homeland Earth”. With the passport cover, people will show that they are citizens of their homeland the Earth, and that they are aware that they belong to one greater community.

The next step that follows is to present the manifesto to decision-makers by the end of the year. Talks have already taken place with the UN and various governments.

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