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How not to waste food after Christmas

How not to waste food after Christmas

Wroclaw has several interesting suggestions on how to make use of all the food that is left after the holidays

As much as we want to deny it, food waste has become an inalienable part of the Christmas experience. With so much meals to prepare for the Christmas get-togethers (on Polish tables, there should be no less than 12 dishes), where it is customary to have abundance of food and drinks, it is particularly difficult to end up without throwing away something. There surely must be some other way, believe in the city of Wroclaw. Here is why, at the end of one of the biggest Christian holidays, we decided to share with you the advice of the Polish city on how to make the best use of the food items.

Shop consciously, plan carefully

It is always the best option to shop consciously, prepare in advance and make sure to cook the right amount of food, reminds the local authority. However, when this is not the case, we can always offer to share it. A friend in need is a friend indeed, they say, so why not reach out to your friends and neighbours? They could be willing to taste something different from what they have prepared at home and will find your meals attractive, after all. 

Food sharing

There also exist the so-called dining rooms (Jadłodzielnie in Polish). These are shared places of different size where everyone can both take something for himself and leave products for others. You can bring different products as long as they have an expiry date indicated. Cakes or soups should be packed in disposable, sealed containers with the date of preparation and description. In the rooms, however, we should not leave dishes containing raw meat, raw eggs, open canned goods and jars with products.

For larger quantities, you can also leave food storage containers next to the fridge where the food is kept. It is important that they are tightly closed. In order for the containers not to be lost, it is best to write to the responsible team in advance with information about when and where they should be waiting, explained Agnieszka Maniewska, foodsharing coordinator of Wroclaw.

Here is where you can find food sharing fridges at the moment:

  • Ludwika Rydygiera 25a street (Nadodrze)
  • Hercena 13 street (Przedmieście Oławskie)
  • Swojczycka 118 street (Swojczyce)
  • Gajowicka 96a street (Silesian Insurgents)
  • Śląska street at the Wroclaw Stadium

Social refrigerators

On top of this, food can also be left in social refrigerators. 16 of them are to be found in the Silesian city, the last one having opened just a week ago - at the Aquapark and the bus terminus at Oetrusewicz street. Find their addresses on



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