Hrončianska Valley ready to meet needs of cyclists

Hrončianska Valley ready to meet needs of cyclists

A new stretch of bike paths connects 6 municipalities in Slovakia

The gorgeous Hrončianska Valley has just become more accessible to tourists visiting with their bicycles and locals wanting to travel the countryside.

A new 4 kilometre stretch of bike paths was recently inaugurated, connecting the village of Čierny Balog and Hranoc through the Čierny Hron valley.

On its way the track further connects the two settlements with the municipalities of Valaská, Podbrezová and Brezno.

Cycling champion of Slovakia

As a whole, the region of Horehronie is famous across Slovakia for its bicycle-friendly infrastructure. It boasts over 800 kilometres of marked cycling paths and also supports e-bikes. With this newest expansion, one of the most popular parts of the area – the Hrončianska Valley, has become even better connected to the rest of the region.

The purposes of more paths

Representatives of the local Organisation for Tourism claim that this newest expansion will serve a two-fold purpose.

On the one hand easier use of bicycles will contribute to the lowering of emissions, making the region healthier.

On the other, it serves as the perfect training course for young cyclists and biathletes, who can use it to sharpen their skills.

In the works are also further improvements to the infrastructure – including the addition of resting spots, shelters and maybe even camping sites.

Cycling – the gateway to future mobility

Slovakia is becoming a shining beacon of future-oriented thinking and a perfect example of sustainable tourism.

Through the efforts of local administration many regions of the country are becoming better connected via the establishment of cycling paths. This only further serves to promote a more active and healthier lifestyle among locals and visiting tourists.

By creating such paths Slovakia will also be able to start phasing out car transport in the near future. With more and more people taking up cycling, the future sure seems brighter for Slovaks.



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