Hunedoara, Source: Hunedoara Municipality

Hunedoara is regenerating with new strategic projects

Hunedoara is regenerating with new strategic projects

The Romanian municipality is constantly growing through projects co-financed by the European Union

On Friday, 15 May 2020, the Mayor of Hunedoara, Dan Bobouțanu, signed the contract for a new strategic project for the Romanian city. The investment project "Supporting the regeneration of Hunedoara municipality - through the revitalization of the community" is co-financed by the European Union.

The total value of the project is 11,725,679.27 lei (2,517,590.83 euros), of which the requested Non-Reimbursable Financial Assistance is 11,491,165.68 lei, and the contribution of Hunedoara Municipality is 234,513.59 lei. The duration of the project's implementation is 36 months.

Through the investments, the face of this historic area of Hunedoara will be changed completely

"From the beginning of my term as mayor, I promised to rehabilitate the old center of Hunedoara. Today this promise is materializing. This year we signed two contracts to finance projects that will completely change the face of this historic area of the city, which has been neglected for too long. To these projects are added the three aimed at revitalizing the transport corridors: central, eastern and western, which means that the arteries that run through the city will be rebuilt. From the entrance to the city and to the Corvin Castle, the city will have a new face, said mayor Bobouțanu.

Through the project, the following objectives will be achieved:

  • Strada Castelului: the creation of a section with a length of 240 m, between Elisabeta Mărgineanu street and Gabriel Bethlen street;
  • rehabilitation, modernization and endowment of the Youth Center (former building of the Home for the Elderly) located on Castelului Street 1;
  • rehabilitation and modernization of the Cerna riverbed, reconstruction work on a total length of 585 meters, inside the minor riverbed, the area of the Historic Center.

This is how the historic area of the city is expected to look like in 36 months. Photo by Hunedoara Municipality

The rehabilitation of Castelului Street will ensure a connection between the main development objectives of Hunedoara Municipality, including the path between the Youth Center and the Cerna River Basin, which will be rehabilitated within the same investment project. It will improve the infrastructure and living standards and conditions through:

  • a road connection with the county road DJ687E.
  • the connection between Mihai Eminescu and Gabriel Bethlen streets;
  • increasing and ensuring the safety of road traffic and comfort conditions, while increasing traffic speeds and thus reducing transport times;
  • performing appropriate maintenance and modernization works;
  • reducing the city's negative impact on the environment.



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