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Hungary launches a digital connectivity initiative

Hungary launches a digital connectivity initiative

It aims to reduce the burden on citizens by exploiting the opportunities offered by digitization

The Ministry for Innovation and Technology (ITM), together with the Digital Prosperity Program (DJP) of Hungary has launched an action called Digital Connectivity. Its aim is to bring together all available digital solutions, tools and services and make them available to all stakeholders in the emergency situation, caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus lockdown forced us into digitalisation

The steps implemented to prevent coronavirus spread have made it clear that without digitalisation, it is impossible to imagine the 21st century, reads the announcement. Now, more than ever before, people need digital solutions.

This is why the Hungarian initiative wants to gather all digital solutions, applications and services in one place, on a portal set-up for this purpose. The interface provides all interested parties with timely information on the digital solutions offered and the terms and conditions for accessing them.

Three target groups

The initiative aims to primarily help three key target groups, as it focuses on digital education, digital ageing and digital economy protection, emphasized László Palkovics, Minister for Innovation and Technology.

People in public education and higher education have already come up with lots of good practices and solutions worth sharing. Methodologies, e-learning solutions, digital educational materials help facilitate a smooth transition, and the Digital Interconnection website serves as a collection point.

For those over the age of 65-70, who are most at risk from the outbreak, it is especially important to remain home and be able to resolve their home affairs remotely. That is why the Digital Connectivity is giving high priority to the issue of providing older people with digital tools, access and skills, the minister stressed.

Finally, the tools of digital economy protection are applications that support secure remote work, cloud-based solutions, and they expect further offerings in this area as well.

To conclude, Minister Palkovics asked the companies from the digital industry to join the initiative.



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