Biciregistro, Source: Ayuntamiento de Alicante

If you are an Alicante resident, you can register your bike against theft

If you are an Alicante resident, you can register your bike against theft

In honour of European Mobility Week, the first 100 bikes will be tagged for free

“Biciregistro” is the name of the Spanish national registry of bicycles. Just like cars, each of the two-wheel vehicles is equipped with a unique identification number. However, this is up to the owners which is why the Alicante Department of Mobility is inviting owners to register their bikes at the special repair workshops which is set up today at the Glorieta Deportista Sergio Cardell until 20:00. Such registration is meant to reduce the risk of having their bikes stolen.

Alicante is already one of the cities with the highest numbers of registered bikes in “Biciregistro”

The repair workshop is free of charge, and so will be the anti-theft registration for the first 100 attendants. Registration can be done in person at the workshop, but also online by submitting photographs and description of the bicycle plus filling out a form.

Once the bike is registered, its owner will receive a kit with an identification card and special stickers which are placed on the frame of the bicycle. These stickers contain the unique national registry code and are made of a material that is very difficult to remove, and even if removed the code remains etched on the frame where it can be read under UV light.

Having the bicycles registered is essential for the Local Police to be able to identify them and recover them in case of theft or loss. This is a system that reinforces their security, identifies the bike with labels and a number, thus making it difficult to steal and allowing to trace its location,” explained José Ramón González, Councillor of Mobility in the City of Alicante.

The results are encouraging since it has been reported that in recent years the Cycling Brigade of the Local Police has managed to recover more than a hundred bicycles.

Furthermore, the City Council is inviting biking enthusiasts to participate in a 4-hour race which will take place this Saturday, 19 September, starting 10:00 am at Torre Reixes.



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