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In 2024, Amsterdam’s tourist tax will be the highest in Europe

In 2024, Amsterdam’s tourist tax will be the highest in Europe

The local government has decided on a host of measures to support struggling residents, but visitors will get the short end of the stick

The City Council of Amsterdam has passed its budget for 2024, and one of the most striking changes in it will be the increase of the tourist tax for people staying in the hospitality sector. An increase in the visitor’s fee is also planned for the cruise ship passengers.

The tourist tax is set to go up by 12.5 %, which will make it the most expensive charge of that kind in the European Union.

This means that with an average room price of 175 euros for a person, the surge will result in an increase from 15.25 to 21.80 euros per night in 2024. The tax for cruise passengers will increase from 8 to 11 euros per visitor. 

Day trippers may also have to pay in the future

In turn, the local government seeks to alleviate the inflation impact on local residents through a variety of subsidies and schemes. For instance, property taxes and parking rates will remain at their current rates next year.

Hester van Buren, Alderman for Finance, explained the decision the following way: “Many Amsterdam residents are still struggling to keep their heads above water due to sharply increased prices. The costs for residents will not increase further in 2024. The tourist tax will increase: visitors will thus contribute to the city's major tasks. This allows us to tackle the consequences of overtourism and make extra efforts to keep the streets clean and solve acute problems in neighbourhoods and neighbourhoods.”

Thus, tourists flocking to the popular Dutch city will end up paying for the upkeep of the neighbourhoods and infrastructure. In essence, that creates a circularity in the management of the tourism flow.

What’s more, Van Buren was also quoted by that there was a talk in the administration about also introducing some kind of a fee for day-trippers, similar to the one planned in Venice, minus the turnstiles.

Amsterdam welcomed more than 20 million visitors this year, many of whom were only in town for the day.



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