"Kulturnetz.SH" is the new online service for artists , Source: Schlewig-Holstein on Facebook

In Schleswig-Holstein, art is digitally shown and marketed

In Schleswig-Holstein, art is digitally shown and marketed

"Kulturnetz.SH" is а new online service for artists

In Schleswig-Holstein, Germany's northernmost state, a new online service has been introduced to assist art performers and artists by allowing them to display and sell their projects. Live broadcasts of theatre rehearsals, 3D tours of art galleries, and podcasts on art - the community cultural association's latest streaming channel "Kulturnetz.SH" does all of this and much more.

The aim of the channel is to bring together all of the state's digital offerings under one roof to make them more accessible. Various categories, ranging from performing arts to music, to museums and exhibitions, help people easily find what they are looking for.

Performing arts, music and exhibitions under one roof

"I am delighted that we will now provide artists with a permanent forum through this new marketplace. In this sense, art and music will be visible - and it would undoubtedly be part of public life and knowledge after the pandemic. This pandemic has created incredible challenges for the art scene in particular, but it has also unleashed energy and creativity," commented Minister of Culture Karin Prien about the new platform.

At the same time, guests will be able to contribute financially to the artists and their works. Kulturnetz.SH refers viewers to fundraiser websites or the regional cultural association's donation platform. The artists will sell their works on an internet auction. Guido Froese, chairman of the regional cultural association, welcomed the bid, saying, "The platform gives artists a low-threshold chance to set up their own online store."

Simultaneously, art lovers will marvel at the richness of Schleswig-Holstein art gathered in one site and buy their favourite pieces for the first time online. The art on display does not have to be "hands-on": garden performances, living room readings, or seminars may also be given. A newly developed project centre at the regional cultural association also assists artists in establishing their own profile.



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