Galician President visiting a shelter, Source: Xunta de Galicia

In tough times, Galicia announces biggest social measures budget in its history

In tough times, Galicia announces biggest social measures budget in its history

125 million euros will be available in 2021 to fight inequality

Yesterday, 23 November, the President of the Galician Government (Xunta), Alberto Núñez Feijóo, used the occasion of visiting the construction work of a Caritas shelter in Pontevedra, to announce that next year his administration has set aside the largest amount subsidies for the purpose of social inclusion in regional history. The amount in question is 125 million euros and it will go towards strengthening the various initiatives which are already in existence plus the addition of others with the aim of withstanding the brutal impact of the coronavirus crisis.

Provision of subsistence incomes and opportunity to upgrade work skills

Galicia, located in the north-western corner of Spain, already has a programme (called RISGA) dedicated towards helping out those in most dire needs and at the highest risk of social exclusion. Among them we can point out women who are victims of domestic violence, disabled people, immigrants, the homeless and sex workers.

President Núñez Feijóo, however, is of the opinion that this crisis period is not the time to hold down and ignoring the marginalized – quite the opposite, it is the time to resolutely affirm a commitment to support them. The RISGA’s budget, for example, will be enforced with 64.4 million euros, and that, despite the introduction of the minimum vital income.

"And with more funds than ever, 18 million euros, at the disposal of entities dedicated to social inclusion, such as Cáritas," added Núñez Feijóo referring as an example the shelter that was in the process of being built and inspected.

This specific facility has received 300 000 euros from the Xunta and it is expected that it will replace the older Caritas shelter in Monteporreiro with the provision of 26 beds, a dining room, a lounge and a food bank in addition to making free coffee and warm place available throughout the whole day for those who would feel the need for them.



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