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In Wallonia, test bikes with electric support for free

In Wallonia, test bikes with electric support for free

You have only till the end of the month to apply

An electric bike can be borrowed for free for 15 days from 79 participating bicycle dealers in Wallonia. The Wallonia Bike Plan 2.0 aims to promote the use of the electric-assisted bicycle in the Belgian region, particularly thanks to the "I test the electric!” project, which is ongoing for over 3 years. In view of the success of the project, 79 bicycle dealers are now part of the adventure.

The entire project is divided into 12 loan periods. Each loan period (3 consecutive months) is preceded by 4 weeks of online registration. The loan duration per citizen is limited to 15 days. Most partner bicycle dealers each have 4 bicycles that are made available to Walloon citizens.

The electric-assisted bicycle is a real opportunity to get back in shape: this bike is equipped with an electric motor and a battery providing the necessary energy to assist the pedaling, in a variable way according to its effort and its speed. The electric support multiplies the power of pedaling and stops beyond 25 km/h. And even if the effort is diminished by the electric assistance of the bike, the VAE makes it possible to recover by doing sport, which still represents a certain benefit in terms of health.

Electric assistance facilitates the use of the bike for people who:

  • Have to climb on their way
  • Travel more than 5 km
  • Want to avoid making too much effort or sweating
  • Are not in a good physical condition
  • Must carry a load

In short, the VAE makes the practice of cycling accessible to a greater number of people, but it is nevertheless necessary to be able to count on a large budget to have a reliable and quality model. Given the amount of the investment, the citizens of Wallonia are often reluctant to buy without being able to perform a real test sufficiently important.

Find more information and subscription at the Mobility Portal of Wallonia (in French).



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