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Innsbruck expands city’s cycling infrastructure

Innsbruck expands city’s cycling infrastructure

The latest expansion was unveiled right before the presentation of the city’s cycling master plan

Local authorities in Innsbruck are busy making cycling the go-to choice for citizens on the lookout for different mobility alternatives. To that end, officials have been working not only on paper but also in practice as they have submitted the city’s cycling master plan while also unveiling more and more infrastructure supportive of cycling.

Boosting cycling both in theory and in practice

On the eve of the presentation of the Innsbruck cycling master plan, local officials were proud to unveil the latest expansion to the city’s bike infrastructure - ten new bicycle brackets at a central changeover point from the cycle network to public transport - at the Hungerburgbahn stop at Löwenhaus. This created 20 new high-quality spaces that enable orderly parking and are a substantial boost to the efficiency and accessibility of Innsbruck’s cycling transport network.

“This place is where citizens with strollers, hikers looking for relaxation and cyclists, many of whom take the Hungerburgbahn in the direction of the Nordkette, meet. Therefore, the expansion of the bike infrastructure includes not only the establishment of new bike parking spaces in the centre but also the improvement of important junctions such as at the Löwenhaus,” emphasized Innsbruck’s Vice Mayor Uschi Schwarzl.

Thus, the creation of these new parking spaces fits in perfectly with Innsbruck’s overall cycling agenda, which, as explained by local officials, will help the city transition into more environmentally friendly modes of transport and achieve its climate targets.

Meanwhile, the Innsbruck city cycling master plan lays even further groundwork for the creation of more easily accessible and convenient bike infrastructure that will propel its attractiveness among the local population.



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