During the last couple of mounts, as inflation rose, Innsbruck has reported a 13% increase on tax revenue

Innsbruck introduces a 2.3-million-euro inflation relief package

Innsbruck introduces a 2.3-million-euro inflation relief package

The city’s income has grown by 13% since the sudden rise of prices and local officials want to give back to the most vulnerable in society

Yesterday, the Austrian city of Innsbruck introduced a new relief package to curb the negative effects of inflation for the most vulnerable in society. The move was provoked by the fact that since inflation started rising, the city has been getting an increased income from tax revenue and now elected officials want to give something back to the community.

The relief package will cost Innsbruck 2.3 million euros and will cover everything from heating vouchers to after-school care, from sustainable mobility to expanded subsidies for photovoltaic systems.

The city reports a 13% increase in tax revenue

According to a report by the ORF, the Austrian national broadcasting service, Innsbruck’s City Councillor Markus Stoll explained that the municipality has seen a significant increase in revenue since inflation hit the shelves. In fact, he put the spike at about 13%, roughly equivalent to 14 million euros, which the administration wants to transfer back towards social programmes.

The relief package will cost Innsbruck 2.3 million euros. One of the focal points of the package is boosting the current municipal heating aid to 100 euros, as well as rent subsidies by a total of 465,000 euros.   Furthermore, the local government will provide people with vouchers for swimming school lessons, while social services will gain an additional special subsidy of 10,000 euros.

Part of the relief package will also support the expansion of subsidies for photovoltaic systems and an additional 200,000 euros to promote sustainable mobility. Additionally, authorities will reduce parental fees for after-school care, which will cost the local government 460,000 euros.

Mayor Georg Willi was quoted in a statement by the city, explaining that because of the quick reaction of the local council, many citizens who face crippling conditions will feel some relief. He also added that these measures were the result of eye-level communication with citizens, a vital task for modern local governments.



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