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Innsbruck’s tree planting offensive preps the city for the summer months

Innsbruck’s tree planting offensive preps the city for the summer months

Over 25,000 trees, and counting, are responsible for cooling the environment in the Austrian city

Cities across Austria are prepping for summer heats by creating more and more green spots across their respective urban areas. The previous years’ heatwaves have taught valuable lessons to local governments in the country and they are eager to tackle the challenges presented by climate change by incorporating more and more environmentally friendly solutions within their problem-solving frameworks.

Innsbruck making the best use of public space

Currently, more than 25,000 urban trees contribute significantly to the high quality of life in Innsbruck. Over the last few weeks, local authorities have been engaged in planting more and more greenery across the city. At the behest of Innsbruck’s Vice Mayor Uschi Schwarzl and Chief Green Officer Thomas Klingler, 250 new trees are set to be added to the city’s arsenal.

Some 150 of them are substitutes for trees that have already been felled, sick or have died due to old age while the other 100 will be planted in new locations in the city. The costs for the additional air purifiers and shaders amount to around 40,000 euros.

The new trees will be planted in Andechsstraße, on Klosteranger, on Franz-Gschnitzer-Promenade and at the new pedestrian and cycle path connection between Lohbachufer and Karl-Innerebner-Straße. “Innsbruck is a city in which green in the street space plays a central role. I would like to thank the team of the green area office, which works with a lot of professional competence and great pleasure in the maintenance and expansion of the green areas,” emphasized Deputy Mayor Schwarzl.

By including more and more greenery in their cities, local governments are not only acting on the need to immediately address the threats of climate change but are also greatly contributing to the wellbeing and health of their constituents.



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