Ioannina approves new project for the greening of the city

Ioannina approves new project for the greening of the city

A large new green common space will be created in the city’s eastern part

A study of the project for upgrading the common area in the inner web of the East (Maglareika area) of the Greek city of Ioannina was approved by the Economic Committee of the Municipality in its last meeting which at the same time also decided to submit it for inclusion in the "Urban Revitalization" axis of the EU’s Green Fund which will see to it that the project is developed and turned into reality.

Going greener and greener

The study that was reviewed by Ioannina’s local authorities covered the renovation of the common area surrounded by Paleologos, Ioustinianou and Heraklion streets of 3,473 square meters, the construction of a nice sidewalk, as well as the reconstruction of the streets surrounding the square and their own sidewalks.

The main objective of the study was figuring out the transformation of the existing common space into a new square space while simultaneously upgrading its relationship with the surrounding urban fabric.

The intervention area will have essentially three major thematic areas. In the first thematic area, in the northwestern part, a complex of circular green spaces with hidden lighting and green islets with trees will be created.

In the second thematic area in the southeastern part, the playground is to be formed in a circular shape, which will be fenced and fully equipped.  Finally, in the third thematic area, a free green space is to be formed, which runs through a corridor from a specially designed industrial floor for bicycles.

According to Ioannina officials, this is an important intervention in the East that will upgrade the wider area and will create a model common space that will be enjoyed by the citizens.

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