Charging stations are coming in fast across Ireland's highway system , Source: Sophie Jonas / Unsplash

Ireland wants EV charging stations every 60 km, by 2025

Ireland wants EV charging stations every 60 km, by 2025

The new mobility strategy for the republic calls for a rapid expansion with millions of euros of investment

Today, Ireland adopted a transport strategy, which will see the country create high-powered electric vehicle charging stations placed every 60 kilometres on the highway network. The government has opted to fund the project to the tune of 100 million euros, with an ambitious schedule calling for the strategy to be complete by 2025.

Auxiliary expansion of electric vehicle infrastructure

According to an official statement, the Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Strategy will also encourage municipalities to establish community charging hubs. These would be set up in residential areas and provide citizens with easy access to places to charge their vehicles or electric bicycles.

There is also a third pillar of the strategy, the Sports Club Scheme, which calls for the creation of charging stations in parking lots adjacent to sports facilities. It has a budget of 15 million euros and the idea behind it is that parents can charge their cars while waiting for their kids to finish up with weekend engagements.

Local authorities call this the destination charger – a quality-of-life improvement that makes the logistics of owning an electric car that much easier.

Making electric cars the way to go

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan was quoted in a press statement explaining the EV Strategy would create a roadmap for infrastructure development in Ireland. Moreover, it would encourage people to which to electric cars, making the option a more convenient alternative.

At the same time, he pointed out that the rapid expansion of charging stations is a response to growing EVs so the mobility transition is already underway. Additionally, he pointed to local authorities and municipalities, which will need to embrace the idea of mobility hubs – places where people can charge their own cars, as well as other electric vehicles.

Currently, around 80% of EV charging in Ireland happens at home, but adding a public space element to the infrastructure would enable more ride-sharing, according to Minister Ryan.



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