Actors dressed in funny costumes remind is that we can choose not to behave in a silly way - by getting a vaccine, Source: City of Poznan

It is silly not to get vaccinated: a friendly reminder from Poznan

It is silly not to get vaccinated: a friendly reminder from Poznan

The Polish city launched an attractive social campaign to boost vaccination rates (VIDEO)

It is silly not to get vaccinated: this is the main message of a pro-vaccination campaign in Poznan that launches today. A creative video, shot with the participation of local theatre artists, illustrates the challenges that lay before unvaccinated people and the danger they pose to society. As of Monday, 16 August, the message will appear on the social media channels of the Polish city and its YouTube channel.

There are many ways to act silly, but the worse one is not to get a vaccine

Getting protection against COVID-19 with a vaccine is a serious issue, but it does not necessarily have to be conveyed in a serious manner. In fact, what the City of Poznan decided to do to spread the pro-vaccination message is exactly the opposite. Instead, they tried to convey a simple, but an easy-to-understand message that sticks – it is stupid not to get a vaccine.

To do this, city authorities teamed up with artists from local theatres to shoot a short video in the city centre. The artists gladly accepted the challenge.

The message will be distributed on social media in an attempt to counter the flood of false information about the effects of the coronavirus vaccines and the pandemic in general. City representatives explained that over 60% of the residents are fully vaccinated already. So they wanted to encourage the rest to make the right decision and protect themselves and others from the next pandemic waves.

You might do all sorts of silly things, but the silliest is to not get vaccinated.
Source: City of Poznan (automatically-generated English subtitles are available)

The video depicts actors and actresses dressed as colourful inflatable balls, reminiscent of viruses. In these uncomfortable outfits, they try to do regular things in the city, such as a walk in a park, sit in a cafe or ride on a tram. But given their outfits, doing all of this seems kind of stupid – just like not getting Covid protection when one is easily available.

The culmination of the video is when a medic changes the reality of these people and makes their lives easier. At the end of the clip, an information board appears informing how to sign up for vaccination in the easiest possible way. This can be done by calling the hotline number 61 646 33 44 and visiting either the permanent or one of the mobile vaccination centres.



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