It just got easier to find a restroom in Warsaw

It just got easier to find a restroom in Warsaw

There are 360 in total

Warsaw currently has 360 restrooms accessible to the public, but believe us, sometimes it can be a real challenge to find one. The situation got even worse with the closure of catering establishments during the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, the Polish capital recently adopted a smart approach to meeting this essential need of the population and made all the information regarding public toilets easily accessible to smartphone users.

Public utilities going smart

For a few days now, the popular mobile app Warsaw 19115 has had a new functionality – listing the closest and most convenient restrooms in the city depending on your location. In the service menu of the app, one can find a list of the existing public toilets, which has 360 entries so far.

Alternatively, by clicking on the Toilets tab, one can find a map of stationary and portable public toilets, as well as toilets in public utility and private facilities that are available to all residents.  After clicking on a point on the map, the user discovers the exact address of the toilet, its operating hours, information about the payment (if any), the availability of changing tables for babies or if the facility is adapted to people with disabilities.

The locations include parks, communication routes, underground passages and subway stations. Restrooms indicated in the application can also be located in libraries, offices and community centres. Additionally, automatic toilets, available in 22 points of the capital, are indicated.

The city authorities remind that all public and automatic toilets located on green squares and in subway stations are open and serviced daily during the epidemic. Additionally, restrooms can be found in shopping centres and some food establishments. Currently, due to the coronavirus epidemic, some facilities may not be available, (for example, those in restaurants), hence it is worth checking the app before heading in a particular direction.

Warsaw 19115 – your virtual assistant to living in the Polish capital

The Warsaw 19115 application is one of the existing communication channels of the Municipal Contact Centre Warsaw 19115. It is available on the App Store, Windows Store and Google Play.

Apart from using the restroom search engine, you can:

  • Inform the authorities about a problem concerning the functioning of the city
  • evaluate the quality of the resolution
  • submit ideas for changes in the city, including ideas on where new trees are needed
  • discover the projects part of the participatory budget
  • check the Warsaw Air Index, discover the quality of the air at any given moment and find related recommendations for risk groups
  • receive notifications about changes and events in the city
  • check the dates of garbage collection and learn how to properly sort waste.



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