An EU flag visible in front of the Perruel town hall in France, Source: Depositphotos

It’s now mandatory for French town halls to fly the EU flag

It’s now mandatory for French town halls to fly the EU flag

And like with any imposition, that hasn’t been well received by all sectors of the French society

The blue, star-circle flags of the EU have become a common sight on public buildings of member states, so common in fact that many people might have even internalized them as part of the scenery. Well, it turns out that at least in France, flying them at a town hall façade used to be a voluntary act left to the discretion of the mayor. But not anymore.

The French parliament has passed a bill that makes it mandatory for local governments to display the azure and gold-star flags at their headquarters. The law was proposed by President Macron´s Renaissance party and it was adopted with 130 in favour and 109 opposed.

Sacré bleu (and 12 stars)

As is visible from the results in the lower house chamber, there was plenty of opposition as well, though. And it came from both sides of the political spectre seeing how despite France being of the EU’s main driving engines, there’s a strong current of Euroscepticism present, too.

Probably to no one’s surprise, the far-right National Rally is against the measure. Though there was also opposition from the far-left.

Jean-Philippe Tanguy, an MP from the National Rally explained their position like this: “Macron’s MPs are showing their scorn for the French people. There are only three colours that the French bow to in their schools, in ceremonies, when they honour their dead, it’s white, blue and red.”

The National Assembly also made it compulsory to display the official portrait of the President of the Republic in all town halls. This practice, however, is also widespread. Additionally, the motto of the Republic – “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” – will have to be displayed on the facades of town halls.

The new regulations, which still have to pass through the French Senate before being confirmed will be applicable to communities of more than 1,500 residents.



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