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Italy sets indoor temperatures 1 degree lower this winter

Italy sets indoor temperatures 1 degree lower this winter

The country is aligning with European strategies to sacrifice comfort in order to increase autonomy from Russian gas

Yesterday, the Italian Ecological Transition Ministry announced a new plan to decrease reliance on the import of Russian gas for the energy needs of the country. A key element in the plan will be lowering the upper limit of indoor temperatures by 1 degree Celsius during the winter.

In effect, this means that the thermostat in industrial buildings will be set at 17C, while residential blocks and other buildings can enjoy 19 degrees Celsius. For both categories, the previous limits were one degree higher.

What’s more, the time the heating is on is also being shortened, by one hour a day and 15 days across the year, as part of a plan to cut energy consumption by 15 percent between 1 August and 31 March.

Curbing the enthusiasm for gas

With this national plan, Italy recalibrates its energy consumption demand and joins the ranks of other European countries that have taken similar measures to decrease their reliance on imported energy fuels.

Still, there will be some exemptions to the thermostat rules, though. Hospitals, care homes, primary schools and nurseries will be exempt from the measures, as will the most northerly regions, while the cuts will be greatest in the warmer south.

Levels of energy use in public buildings and residential blocks will be monitored to see how the measures are being implemented, and the ministry called on individuals to play their part.

Italy will also launch an awareness campaign aimed at promoting energy-conscious behaviour in relation to the consumption of gas and electricity.

For example, people will be encouraged to reduce the temperature and duration of their showers, to wait for a full load before using the washing machine or dishwasher, and to unplug electrical appliances when not in use.



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