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Jastrebarsko helps young people find jobs with new initiative

Jastrebarsko helps young people find jobs with new initiative

#CareerStarter teaches the youth how to write resumes and cover letters, impress interviewers, and use online employment platforms

As time progresses and the world changes, it becomes increasingly difficult for the new generations to enter the labour market. Today, young people find it extremely challenging to start a career and older generations agree that it was once much easier to do so.

Nowadays, most companies first ask their applicants to send a resume and cover letter. Following this, they require candidates to take a variety of tests before inviting them to an interview. Even then, some companies include a second interview in their application process.

Knowing how challenging it is to secure a job today, the Croatian city of Jastrebarsko has launched a new initiative to help young people get employed. The #CareerStarter initiative was created by the Youth Council of the City and it is a part of its Work Program for 2021.

How will this help the youth?

Members of the Youth Council will help students and other young people find employment in several ways. According to a press release by the city, the youth will be able to learn how to write resumes and cover letters.

What is more, they will be able to participate in interview simulations which will help them acquire important skills.  Taking this further, members of the Youth Council will also offer photography services for resumes and teach students how to use official online employment platforms.

“We have recognized the needs of students and young people who find themselves unprepared in the labour market and we want to help them achieve success as soon as possible. We were looking for a way to encourage them to find a job that interests them through guidance and quality preparation, and to eventually get the job they want,” commented President of the Youth Council Marija Bobinski.

Young people who need help applying for jobs can contact  in order to receive the support they seek. The #CareerStarter initiative will run until the end of the year.



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