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Jelgava assures students that Shadow Day will still take place

Jelgava assures students that Shadow Day will still take place

It is an important day on the school calendar as it gives youngsters the chance to discover what’s behind many professions

Today, the official website of Jelgava, in Latvia, informed the interested public that the annual Shadow Day has been cancelled for in-person events, but the good news is that it will still be conducted on a specially designed virtual platform, starting in March.

To most of us, Shadow Day conjures mysterious associations probably, but Latvians know that the name refers to the act of ‘shadowing’, or following very closely, professionals who have taken the time to show what their job looks like behind the scenes. This has proven to be an invaluable experience for many young people in high school who are soon facing graduation but also lack of knowledge and trepidation about the ins and outs of different professions and the labour market in general.

Shadow Day refers to the act of ‘shadowing’ or following someone closely

The event is organized by ‘Junior Achievement Latvia’, which has assured that there is a working platform online (in Latvian) that can be used both by the educational institutions and employers.

Both the professional organizations and the schools are invited to register in order to match availabilities and organize virtual tours for the students. Educators can choose from the options on offer and book a session for their class.

“The excursion platform has been activated with the aim of promoting the closer connection of school education content with real life and students' awareness of the daily life of various professions outside Shadow Day. The platform is also a valuable benefit for employers who take care of their employer's image and want to present themselves to the future specialists today," explained Jānis Krievāns, Head of Junior Achievement Latvia.

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