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Jelgava citizens compete for city’s cleanest urban objects

Jelgava citizens compete for city’s cleanest urban objects

Authorities will reward those who have turned the facades of their homes into examples of cleanliness and environmental care

Caring for a green and healthy environment is just as much of a job for authorities as it is for locals and citizens. To promote that idea and concept, the Latvian city of Jelgava has kickstarted a competition aimed at rewarding those among the city’s population who take exceptional care of keeping the facades of their buildings not only clean and green but also environmentally friendly.

Making the city cleaner - together

The “Cleanest Urban Objects” competition will last until 23 June. Until then, citizens are asked to submit their entries in the following categories -  Greenest window, loggia or balcony design of an apartment house ", "The cleanest area of ​​a private house ", "The cleanest yard of an apartment house ", "The cleanest company " and "The most interesting fence solution ".

Entries can be submitted for the competition by phone on either 63005522 or 63005558 until 19 June. It can also be done electronically until 23 June by writing to the municipality’s e-mail address When applying for an object, the nomination, address of the object, owner, name, surname and telephone number of the applicant must be included in the documentation. When applying for an object online, however, a photo of the object is also required.

The jury will then judge the submissions on a number of factors including their visibility from the street, their attached facilities – like the installed greenery, path, square, water reservoirs, small architectural forms, etc., their composition, the transparency of the fences, as well as the condition of the submitted object.

Two winners will be chosen by the city council based on these criteria, and an additional one will be chosen at random through a lottery. The victors will then be recognized in July for their exemplary efforts in keeping Jelgava clean, green and healthy.



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