Samples of the new Jelgava resident card, Source: Jelgava Municipality

Jelgava will update its multipurpose resident card

Jelgava will update its multipurpose resident card

More than just an ID, it’s a key to municipal services in your wallet

Jelgava is the first city in Latvia to have introduced its own city card for residents. The valuable piece of plastic grants the holder easy access to a variety of municipal services, making his or her life so much more convenient. This week, the municipal authorities announced that, starting this summer, a newer and upgraded version of the card will be introduced and residents are invited to apply for it.

A look at the benefits that the city card holds

The city plans to introduce the new cards gradually. Pupils and students will be the first to apply for them from 10 May as their current cards will expire. From 1 October - every other resident can also do the same.

The regulations developed by the municipality stipulate that the card will be a personalized "Mastercard City Key" brand electronic plastic payment card featuring the Jelgava city symbols and an approved design issued by a financial institution with which Jelgava municipality has concluded a cooperation agreement. 

The card will be intended for receiving municipal services, benefits and allowances, such as healthcare services and pensions. It can be used for making payments, depositing and withdrawing money. The card will also allow holders to receive services and benefits offered by other service providers, including companies.

In addition, the Jelgava student card is not only a means of identification but also allows students to have four free trips per day on the public transport network in the city, as well as access to facilities for school meals.

"The main reason why the city is introducing new cards is the Law on Unified Information System for Facilitations, as well as the Law on Electronic Identification of Natural Persons, which envisages the creation of an electronic identification system for beneficiaries in the country according to uniform principles. Jelgava was the first to start this process,” explained Ilze Āboliņa, Deputy Executive Director for Information Technology of Jelgava Municipality.

Her comment points to the way to go for the future and that the Jelgava city card is only a trial phase before a larger country-wide implementation of this service integration instrument.



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