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Justibus gives access to justice to those in need

Justibus gives access to justice to those in need

“Justibus” giving free legal advice has been in operation for a month now

Persons living in Brussels are one step closer to having their access to justice guaranteed. The fundamental human right, enshrined in law, will be protected and actively defended with a new municipal service – the Justibus.

Justibus is a pilot project, operating on the territory of all 19 municipalities in Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium. Its mission is to facilitate access to justice as much as possible, especially when it comes to the disadvantaged. As of 14th October 2019, it circulates on the streets daily, including on weekends, with a pre-defined schedule and meetings’ agenda.

Free legal assistance on the bus

The bus provides free legal assistance and practical information and is open to everyone who needs it, regardless of their nationality or income. You only need to hop on and ask the professional lawyers on board for advice.

The innovative service is provided by the Legal Aid Commission of Brussels, with the support of the Minister of Justice of Wallonia-Brussels Federation Valérie Glatigny with the former having voted unanimously in favour of the creation of the Justibus back in March.

Vinciane Gillet, President of the Commission of Brussels Legal Aid explains that the access to law and justice is one of today's major democratic issues. Numerous studies report of a growing dissatisfaction within citizens when it comes to such issues, especially among the most disadvantaged. The Brussels-Capital Region, where a third of the population lives on an income below the poverty risk threshold, is particularly concerned. The middle class also feels more and more detached from the law, Gillet continues. Thus, by taking advantage of the new service, her commission wants to make the constitutional right to legal aid more effective.

Those who want to learn more about the service or are willing to contribute with funds to its successful and continuous existence are invited to visit the Commission’s website.



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