Smart bench in Kaštela , Source: City of Kaštela

Kaštela installs smart benches and returns a landmark

Kaštela installs smart benches and returns a landmark

The new benches in the Croatian city use solar energy to provide free device charging

Over the past year, people have resorted to meeting outdoors as the pandemic resulted in the closures of restaurants, shopping centres, and cultural venues. In addition to this, many refused to visit the homes of friends and family as they began to fear indoor spaces and enclosed areas.

As such, people of all ages developed a new appreciation for the outdoors. Many began to meet outside whilst others would go on walks and sit on benches for some time alone to get away from the homes in which they had begun to feel trapped.

Seeing a rise in the number of people who now gather outdoors, the Croatian City of Kaštela sought ways in which it could enrich their experiences and upgrade the city’s public facilities. In a press release, the city announced that it has now installed seven “smart” benches.

Smart urban furniture

The smart benches use clean solar energy which is stored to provide free device charging. In other words, the benches allow residents and young people to spend time outdoors whilst working, studying, or relaxing on their electronic devices.

The seven benches have been installed in various areas throughout the city; more specifically, they have been placed in locations where a large number of citizens and groups of young adults often gather.

By installing this smart urban furniture, the city proves that it understands the needs of its residents and cares about the enrichment of public facilities.

Returning a landmark

In the aforementioned press release, the municipality explains that Kaštela previously housed a public clock in what is known as the Kapetanović house. According to private archives from the city’s museum, the clock is an old landmark from the 19th century which was removed in the second half of the 20th century.

Now, the heirs of the Kapetanović family have agreed to help the city by renovating and reconstructing the building in order to re-install the landmark. The City of Kaštela explains that this public clock acts as a “beautiful memory of the past”.



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