Smart waste monitoring systems can help reduce collection costs

Karlovy Vary tests out a smart waste management system

Karlovy Vary tests out a smart waste management system

It has installed sensors in 50 containers to monitor their levels

Over the next three months, the Czech City of Karlovy Vary will test the use of smart sensors in waste bins. The municipality announced this on 7 February, sharing that it has equipped 50 containers for paper, glass, and plastic with sensors that will allow it to monitor the levels of waste and effectively plan its collection.

View the data in real time

While numerous cities have already begun to use smart systems to control their waste collection, Karlovy Vary is taking a step further by making the data available to its residents. More specifically, it has created an interactive map where one can track the waste levels of any of the 50 containers in real time.

"Each of us sometimes experiences a situation where we arrive at the containers with carefully sorted waste and they are full. Thanks to this new project, we will be able to check, before the trip, that there is still room in the surrounding containers. In addition, thanks to monitoring, the city will obtain data based on which it can optimise the collection of waste,” commented Martin Dušek, a specialist in waste management. 

Numerous benefits

Aside from helping locals, the smart waste monitoring system will allow the municipality to make changes to its current collection routes or schedules in order to make them as efficient as possible.

In other words, a smart waste management system will allow the city to reduce its collection costs as trucks will not need to drive to containers if the data shows that they are not full. In this way, the municipality can save up on fuel, labour and fleet maintenance costs whilst reducing CO2 emissions.

Similarly, the city will be able to reduce the overflow of waste and ensure that all full containers are emptied on time. Subsequently, the monitoring system will help Karlovy Vary become a cleaner, greener city.



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