A view of Kavarna, Source: Kavarna municipality

Kavarna makes tourists' lives easier with a new app

Kavarna makes tourists' lives easier with a new app

Visitors will have access to information about events, exhibitions and historical sites

The Bulgarian municipality of Kavarna will promote cultural and maritime heritage in its region (located on the Black Sea coast) with the support of the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Programme. The grant is about 24 000 euros and is supported by the Local Initiative Fishing Group "Shabla-Kavarna-Balchik".

The project is titled "Promotion of cultural and maritime heritage in the Municipality of Kavarna". This was made official by the mayor's office yesterday, 12 May 2021. 

Helping tourists with the city during the summer vacation

Visitors who have decided to take their vacation in the North Bulgarian Coast area will now have the option of using a new smartphone application to explore more. The app, which will be developed within the project, will provide information about the historic cape Kaliakra, the archeological reserve "Yailata" and the natural "Bolata", the Bird Bay and other attractions.

Furthermore, the app will have information on upcoming local events such as museum expositions, exhibitions, as well as cultural activities from around the community to allow people to make plans ahead of time. Also, it will help the local businesses in regards to improve customer care, gain new clients and provide service information - for hotels, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, car repair shops, gas stations and others.

The project is estimated to last until April of next year. Some additional activities and projects will be conducted in connection with the project. Four exhibition stands will be purchased and promotional materials will be prepared. Placement materials will be developed to promote the project and the city or neighbourhood's best-known landmarks.

As a result of the project implementation, the cultural and maritime heritage in the municipality of Kavarna will be promoted, the visits to the tourist sites will be stimulated and the tourist business will be supported by using new methods and information technologies for the region.



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