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Knitting pattern competition marks Ylivieska’s 50th anniversary

Knitting pattern competition marks Ylivieska’s 50th anniversary

The Ylivieska Region Citizens’ College is hosting a knitting pattern competition to honour the city’s 50 years

This year, the Finnish city of Ylivieska celebrates its 50th anniversary. To mark this special occasion, the Ylivieska Region Citizens’ College has announced a knitting pattern competition, challenging artists to create a unique design in honour of the city’s anniversary.

What are the instructions of the competition?

Each participant must design a brand-new knitting pattern that clearly reflects the city of Ylivieska. This design should then be hand-knitted and a product (such as a hat, mittens, or socks) must be created. In addition to this, the work must be produced using a natural material, such as sheep’s wool.

Once you have completed your design, you must attach a note displaying your nickname or signature onto the finished product. The work, alongside your full name and contact information, must be placed inside an envelope. On the outside of this envelope, write down the same nickname or signature which you initially attached to your work.

On its website, the municipality of Ylivieska explained that you can submit your work from Monday, 8 March until Monday, 15 March. Your entry can be submitted at the Ylivieska Region Citizens’ College, Kyöstintie 4, Ylivieska. Alternatively, it can also be given to the Ylivieska City Hall, Kyöstintie 4.


Three winners will be selected by a jury and announced on March 31. The criteria state that the pattern must clearly reflect the city and that you must include a detailed list of the instructions, tools, and materials which you used for its production.

The winners will be announced in the local newspapers and on the social media accounts of the Citizens’ College. Moreover, they will receive a €100 gift card for the Ylivieska Region Citizens' College courses.

Those who win the competition will have their knitting patterns displayed and used as material in the college’s courses.

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