Solar panels in Krakow, Source: KHK SA

Krakow municipality to be powered on renewables only

Krakow municipality to be powered on renewables only

The Polish city authorities will start buying energy exclusively from renewable sources

As of the second half of this year, municipal institutions in Krakow will only buy energy from renewable sources. The Polish municipality informed on Monday that it has signed a new contract with Enea SA, for the purchase of sustainable energy.

One of the consequences is that for the next two years, green energy will drive Krakow's trams and electric buses, illuminate streets and public buildings.

Increasing the share of sustainably generated electricity in Krakow

From 1 July, the municipal buildings of Krakow will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. In particular, the second-largest Polish city expects to avoid releasing over 325,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions during a two-year period.

The considerable savings that the city will achieve thanks to the recently completed tender for the purchase of electricity are also worth a mentionThose will be up to a minimum of PLN 6 million within two years [1.3 million euros],” commented Tadeusz Trzmiel, president of the management board of Krakowski Holding Komunalny SA, the leader of the Krakow Electricity Purchasing Group.

It is his company that won the tender, providing for the change. Said tender is regarded as a record-breaking for several reasons.

First, it is for the largest volume ordered so far - as much as 424,000 MWh of energy and up to 3258 collection points. Second, the purchase includes only green energy. Third, the conditions of the tender allow for the purchase at the most competitive terms on the Polish Power Exchange.

Trzmiel further explained that the energy that will soon flow into the sockets of schools, municipal offices, sports arenas, museums, theatres, or that will power tram engines or city electric car chargers cannot come from burning coal, natural gas, heating oil or other fossil fuels.

The contractor selected in the tender must ensure that it is produced from renewable sources. He will be required to provide each municipal entity with a guarantee issued by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office about the origin of the energy.

Finally, Krakow authorities point out that 30% of the energy consumed by municipal entities already originates from non-fossil sources.



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