Krka National Park in Croatia, Source: Krka National Park

Krka National Park: the first protected area in Croatia to welcome digital nomads

Krka National Park: the first protected area in Croatia to welcome digital nomads

Remote workers will be able to combine business and pleasure perfectly

On 20 May, the Krka National Park in Croatia announced that it has become the first protected area in the country to welcome digital nomads. This announcement comes after The Public Institute of Krka National Park signed a business cooperation agreement with the Trokut Incubator for New Technologies in Šibenik Municipality.

In recent years, digital nomads have become increasingly popular. What is more, the outbreak of the pandemic caused a further surge in the number of people interested in working remotely. Seeing the rise in digital nomads living in the country and the Šibenik-Knin county, the aforementioned partners decided to develop a new programme for these remote workers.

What do Krka National Park and the Trokut Incubator offer?

According to a press release by Šibenik Municipality, the Trokut Šibenik Incubator for New Technologies gives digital nomads access to desks, chairs, kitchens, showers and bathrooms. Moreover, it provides them with printers and scanners which may be essential to their work.

Taking this further, digital nomads can also make use of a basketball court and free parking for bicycles and cars. Most importantly, the remote workers will be located 5 minutes away from the beach. Therefore, the Trokut Incubator presents itself as a convenient and attractive space for digital nomads in the Šibenik Municipality.

Nella Slavica, director of the Public Institute of Krka National Park commented: “In choosing Croatia as their business destination, they [digital nomads] are contributing to its visibility and popularity in the media. At Krka National Park, they will be able to find the best combination of natural values and cultural and historical heritage.”

Slavica further explains that the digital nomads in Krka National Park will be able to spend time in nature, enjoy the hospitality of locals, and become acquainted with Croatian traditions and customs. Director of the Trokut Incubator Diana Mudrinić also commented on the new opportunity for remote workers, noting that the agreement between the two partners will allow them to combine business and pleasure perfectly.



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