Murals from "Windows of Labin Legends", Source: City of Labin

Labin paints murals of those who shaped its history

Labin paints murals of those who shaped its history

“Windows of Labin Legends” celebrates six people whose accomplishments have changed the city, country, and Europe

On 29 December, the Croatian City of Labin unveiled an exhibition titled “Windows of Labin Legends” in the Old Town Square. With this new cultural attraction, the municipality celebrates some of the great people who have contributed to the city's history as well as that of Croatia and Europe.

Before selecting the “legends”, the project’s organisers asked citizens to vote for their favourite people. Using these responses and adding a few of their own, the expert committee selected 6 important figures whose depictions now live on the facades of public buildings in the Old Town. The chosen legends of Labin are:

  1. The teacher, writer, and revolutionary Giuseppina Martinuzzi
  2. The inventor of the electric speedometer Josip Belušić
  3. The sculptor Mate Čvrljak
  4. The miner and striker Antun Bičić
  5. The theologian, church historian, and philosopher Matija Vlačić Ilirik (also known as Matthias Flacius Illyricus)
  6. The handball legend Klaudio Brezac Mikot

The portraits of these six people can now be found in several locations in the city. To help residents and tourists find them, the project’s organisers have created a map showing the location of each mural.

The locations of the 6 murals (Source: City of Labin)

Involving citizens

On its website, the municipality explains that the project aims to actively involve citizens in activities which preserve and promote Labin's identity, traditions, cultures and customs. Thus, the city's goal was not only to strengthen tourism but to also remind locals of the people who have helped shape the history of their city and country.

The Labin Association of Amateur Fine Artists “Creative Academy Labin” organised the project alongside the municipality and Labin’s Tourist Board. Furthermore, the exhibition was co-financed through the Istrian Foundation for Encouraging Partnership and Civil Society Development’s competition “Small projects for a better tomorrow”.

To see the six murals, view the gallery above.



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