Late night trams to make their return to Zagreb come 7 September

Late night trams to make their return to Zagreb come 7 September

The service will be operational between 11:50 PM and 04:00 AM

With the spread of COVID-19 under relative control in Croatia, cities around the country are beginning to reemerge from the crisis and are reinstating many of the services that they had previously suspended. Such is the case with Zagreb’s night trams which were put on hold during the first months of the outbreak as part of a larger coronavirus-prompted temporary public transport overhaul.

Getting back in the action

Public transport in the Croatian capital has steadily been returning to normal since the end of April, when on 27 April 111 bus routes returned to normal operations, followed by tram services. The return of the night trams to the daily lives of citizens is yet another sign of the overall return to normalcy and is further proof that local and national authorities believe that they have the disease under control.

The late night trams of Zagreb will officially be making their comeback on 7 September on 4 main routes, including route number 31 (between Crnomerec and Savski most), number 32 (between Precko and Borongaj), number 33 (between Gracansko Dolje and Savisce), 34 (between Ljubljanica and Dubec). The trams will be running daily between 11:50 PM and 04:00 AM.

The late-night service as a whole travels over a total of 57 kilometres within Zagreb but was suspended on 22 March – just a few days after the coronavirus crisis first hit Europe, in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 within the population.

The return of such services to normal operations is an important and symbolic gesture that serves not only to reassure the local population that things are going back to normal and that its own efforts in containing the spread of the disease are being rewarded but also sends a signal to foreigners considering a visit to the city that the situation remains within control.



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