Stress has a variety of causes

Latvia is the most stressed country in the EU

Latvia is the most stressed country in the EU

Germany, on the other hand, is the most chilled

A study which has been done by sleep experts Eachnight ranked the top 10 most stressed countries in Europe overall. In that respect, Serbia is the most stressed nation, and second-ranked Latvia is leading in this factor in the EU. Overall speaking, most of the stressed countries are located in the eastern and southern regions of the continent reflecting a certain economic predilection towards stress.

What are the most common reasons behind reported stress?

In the case of Serbia, economic and personal financial sectors do play a leading role as catalysts of stressful feelings. Poverty and dissatisfaction with income and high costs of living have been cited as major reasons for feeling stressed there.

The picture, however, changes for the second and third-placed countries, Latvia and Portugal, both of which are in the European Union. Different social and cultural factors in these countries are causing feelings of anxiety.

Latvia was listed high due to personal stress factors – such as divorce rate, Covid-19 cases, depression cases, childcare costs, and crime levels. For example, Latvia has a high divorce rate of 45.7 divorces per 100 marriages – well above the average rate in Europe. In addition, work stress factors such as the sixth lowest employment rate in Europe – 61.6% – make Latvia the second most stressed European country.

Portugal places as the third most stressed country in Europe. The Iberian nation has the second-highest divorce rate in Europe, with 58.7 divorces per 100 marriages, in addition to one of the lower employment rates in Europe, with 56.1% of the population employed.

Here is the list of the top 10 most stressed European nations:

  1. Serbia
  2. Latvia
  3. Portugal
  4. Greece
  5. Spain
  6. Italy
  7. Lithuania
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Albania
  10. United Kingdom

And if you’re curious about the reverse ranking - the least stressed country in Europe is Iceland. The Nordic island is the least stressed country in terms of work factors, as it has the shortest average travel time in Europe – just 15 minutes – along with the lowest poverty rate (9%).

Germany is the most chill EU country with the lowest levels of stress, which is particularly due to a good performance in terms of work stress factors. German citizens have one of the highest monthly salaries in Europe, an average of 3,031 euros, on par with the fourth highest employment rate on the continent, with 75.6% of the population employed.



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