Latvijas Pasts installed its first outdoor automated parcel terminal in Riga

Latvijas Pasts installed its first outdoor automated parcel terminal in Riga

The postal service of the Baltic republic plans to expand this service throughout the country

The Latvian Ministry of Transport, which is also responsible for communication services in the country, informed today that Latvijas Pasts (the national postal service) has installed the first outdoor automated parcel station in Riga. It can be found near Riga Plaza shopping centre on Mūkusalas Street 71.

This means 24/7 convenience for citizens who need postal services

Initially, the automated parcel stations were owned and introduced in the country by the private equity owner BaltCap. However, last year it sold its parcel stations network to the state enterprise which already counts with more than 400 post offices across the nation, 1300 employees and 100 specialized couriers.

The initial parcel terminal network consisted only of indoor stations. Those provide certain advantages when it comes to the delivery and storage of some delicate or perishable items, such as medicine. However, the installation of an outdoor terminal is meant to open a new chapter in this modern service and improve customer convenience.

“With the first outdoor parcel station of Latvijas Pasts, we mark a clear direction for more and more dynamic development, providing better and higher quality service to our customers. A year ago, when we purchased the parcel network, we promised that it was only the first step in further expanding the network and offering new services, and although Covid-19 slowed down our plans a bit, we are now purposefully moving forward on a clearly defined path of modernization and long-term development,” said Mārcis Vilcāns, Chairman of the Board of Latvijas Pasts.

The modernization he referred to includes an agreement with BaltCap to replace 30 parcel terminals with larger and more recent models by the end of this month. Likewise, the postal service has already announced a procurement for the purchase of 60 new terminals, which will be installed throughout the country this and next year.



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