The project will give public secondary schools new educational tools , Source: CDC / Unsplash

Leuven funds new ideas for fast learning kids in schools

Leuven funds new ideas for fast learning kids in schools

According to the city, the normal curriculum could be boring or even stressful for cognitively gifted kids

Last week, the Belgian city of Leuven announced its support for a non-profit organization called Spring-Stof aimed at developing tailor-made learning plans for students with different needs. One of the organisation’s flagship projects is catering to kids that learn at a lightning-fast pace.

The city will also allow the organisation to expand its partnership with schools as well as a financial boost of 10,000 euros.

Some kids are very quick and constantly need a challenge, however, conventional schooling can sometimes slow them down, lead to stress or even demotivate them from learning. While teachers have invaluable experience, the project aims to add instruments to their repertoire, as well as additional options for students that have a hard time fitting into the educational system.

Additional layers of education

The main thing Spring-Stof provides is part-time tailor-made education for cognitively gifted students, between the ages of 4 and 17. One or half a day a week, students leave the classroom and experience other modes of learning.

Now, with the additional resources from the city of Leuven and help from secondary schools, the organisation aims to open up their methodology and organise information events, open lessons, as well as share teaching materials with the schools themselves.

Spring-Stof’s methods include a heavy reliance on project work, shortened instructions, guidance during independent learning sessions as well as exposure to more complex problems. Alderman of Education Lalynn Wadera explained that this is a great opportunity for local secondary schools, as they can now rely on a new set of educational tools that have been developed in parallel.

She was quoted in a press statement, explaining: “Tailor-made teaching and differentiation, that's what teachers do every day in the classroom. Some students need more explanation, while others progress at lightning speed. Teachers, are, however, still looking for methods to work with the students who learn much faster and more independently."



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