One of the riddles in the Wishing Tree scavenger hunt in Leuven , Source: City of Leuven

Leuven offers parents and kids a Christmas city-wide detective scavenger hunt

Leuven offers parents and kids a Christmas city-wide detective scavenger hunt

Despite pandemic measures, the well-being of kids and the opportunities for fun in the holiday season are a priority

The city of Leuven, in Belgium, will offer kids and their parents a chance to become Christmas detectives in an exciting riddle game, spread out within the city centre. The game will take place between 25 December and 9 January.

Children and their parents will have a chance to put their wits to work in deciphering five visual puzzles and find the magic wishing tree. After participants crack the code, find the six-metre-tall tree and make their wish, the tree will flash with thousands of lights.

Inconspicuous six-metre-tall tree

Residents of Leuven have probably already spotted the wishing tree, located in the centre of the city, however, they still have the chance to take part in the puzzle game. Would-be detectives will have to first pick up a booklet from the tourist office or, alternatively, use a pdf file of the guide. The first 25 participants, however, will receive a gift package.

To solve the riddles, they will need a flashlight (or light on a smartphone), that will help them look for the magical pictures, a pen or a pencil and a smartphone (to scan QR codes). After that, participants will be all set to depart on the scavenger hunt.

The first spot they will have to check is on Rector De Somerplein Street, right next to the town hall in the centre of Leuven. At the end of the journey, they will reach the wishing tree. The tree, in its own right, will reward the detectives with hundreds of twinkling lights.

Bringing the city together

The scavenger hunt route is about three kilometres long and is completely free of charge. Anyone can take part, though, authorities recommend children under the age of six to have a parent or guardian with them. Overall, the campaign aims to take advantage of holiday downtime to offer citizens a unique way to experience the city.

At the same time, it is a welcomed distraction during a period of serious Covid restrictions in Belgium. Alderman for Youth, Dirk Vansina, was quoted in a press release, echoing that opinion: “We hope that it can be a welcomed form of relaxation for many families in a period where little is allowed. As a city, we think it is extra important in these times to focus on the well-being of the people of Leuven. And more specifically the well-being of children.”



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