The Thespian Robot, Source: Municipality of Liberec

Liberec will have a robot spokesperson for its ECOC campaign

Liberec will have a robot spokesperson for its ECOC campaign

The Thespian Robot will portray the Czech city as one that is fun and innovative

For its European Capital of Culture 2028 campaign, the Czech city of Liberec will have a humanoid robot as a spokesperson. On its website, the municipality announced that the Thespian Robot will perfectly portray Liberec as a city that is fun, innovative, and entertaining.

The Deputy Mayor for Culture, Education, Social Affairs, Tourism and Sports Ivan Langr explained that this robot is intertwined with the vision for the future of the city. In a press release, Langr described this future as one that is "original, unique, innovative, funny, youthful, and beyond the borders of its territory."

The Thespian Robot

Using the Thespian Robot as a spokesperson will not only set Liberec apart from other cities, but it will also be cost-friendly. Expanding on this, Langr noted that he will not have to be paid or given any benefits. In addition to this, he explained that the robot is tireless, speaks multiple languages, and even has an email address through which he can be contacted (

The robot is even quoted in the city’s press release as he informs residents of the upcoming spring events in Liberec. "Sometime in May, we will present the second group of ambassadors of the Liberec 2028 project. In June, we would like to submit a culture strategy to the council for approval and submit an application to the 1st round of the national competition for the European capital," the humanoid robot has reportedly stated.

Liberec further announced that it is currently seeking a 12th ambassador for its ECOC 2028 campaign. Interestingly, candidates are asked to submit their applications to the aforementioned email address of the Thespian Robot. In the end, the humanoid robot will select the most suitable candidate for the role and invite them for an interview.



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