Handing the street nameplates to the Deputy Mayor of Riga, Source: Riga Municipality

LIDL is behind the newest streets on Riga’s map

LIDL is behind the newest streets on Riga’s map

A good example of public-private cooperation in the field of urban infrastructure

After having concluded a mutual agreement, the Riga City Council took over possession of the two newest street sections in the city, which were built by LIDL Latvija in the district of Dreiliņi. The total length of roads that were constructed amounts to 1.5 kilometres and concerns sections of Dzelzavas and Ēvalda Valtera Streets.

The infrastructure was added as part of a pre-condition for the launch of the LIDL Latvija logistics centre. This facility, worth 55 million euros, will serve the company’s stores in Latvia and neighbouring Estonia.

Local residents are already appreciating the new streets

To mark the handing over of the two newly built sections of the street to the city, on Friday, May 14, the representatives of the board of Lidl Latvija Jākobs Jozefsons and Arūnas Dzikas symbolically presented the nameplates of Dzelzavas and Ēvalda Valtera streets to the Deputy Mayor of the Riga City Council Vilnis Ķirsis. The event took place on the street in accordance with epidemiological safety requirements.

I am pleased that such a large international company as Lidl has chosen to open its Baltic logistics centre in Riga. The company has not only created new jobs but has also built and arranged the nearby infrastructure at its own expense, which will be available to all residents of Riga. 

Riga has geographical advantages, a concentrated workforce is concentrated here, so it is a suitable place for large and international companies to invest. The development of international business and attraction of investments is a very high priority of the city management,” said Mr Ķirsis on the occasion.

The newly built section of Dzelzavas Street and the adjacent section of Ēvalda Valtera Street are complemented by three-meter-wide sidewalks, modern street lighting and many dozens of large wooden exhibitions. Anticipating the further development of public transport in Dreiliņi, several public transport stops have already been installed there. The new streets have quickly become a favourite place for walks in the neighbourhood.



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