Liege province, Source: Cycling and walking within the Province of Liege is soon to become mush easier and more pleasant / FTPL Patrice Fagnoul

Liege provides over 1 million euro for soft mobility

Liege provides over 1 million euro for soft mobility

The Belgian province gives a substantial boost to sustainable mobility

Eight soft mobility projects will receive a total of 1.150.000 euros in funding, announced the Province of Liege on Friday. They will be implemented on the territories of the cities and municipalities of Liège, Huy, Neupré, Dalhem, Blegny, Jalhay, Stoumont, Aubel, Plombières and Welkenraedt and will contribute to the sustainable development of the Belgian territory, believe the authorities.

Provincial funding for soft mobility

Another 8 projects are meant to improve the life quality of the residents of Liege, Belgium. The new subsidy, provided by the Belgian province, will be distributed among projects, selected by the association ASBL Liège Metropole, which unites 84 mayors of places within the Province of Liège.

The largest amount – 225,000 euros – will go for a cycling link between Val-Benoît and Engis, on the left bank. The route includes a cumulative distance of 17 kilometres and crosses the cities of Liège and Seraing, as well as the municipalities of Flémalle, Engis and Saint-Nicolas.

The extension of the Haute-Meuse cycling network with a link between Neupré and Seraing will receive another 200 thousand euros. The extensions and improved security of other cycling, hiking and pedestrian routes within the confines of the province of Liege will also be funded from the agreed 1.15 million euros.

There is also a significant amount of funding previewed for the development of tourist infrastructure and communication. Overall, upon completion, the eight projects should provide improved conditions and alternatives for the citizens who opt for more environmentally-friendly forms of mobility in and outside municipalities (such as cycling, walking and other human-powered alternatives) and will ultimately contribute to the sustainable development of the Province of Liege.

“By promoting soft mobility projects, the Province of Liège recalls its ecological ambitions and resolutely embarks on the path of sustainable development and improves the living environment of its citizens" shared the Deputy Provincial-President Luc Gillard, quoted by the website of the Province of Liege. The authority has subsidised over 76 projects since 2012, with a total amount exceeding 30 million euros.



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