Carpooling - one of the ways to qualify for cash incentives from the programme, Source: Depositphotos

Lille pays drivers to do anything but drive their cars

Lille pays drivers to do anything but drive their cars

The aim of the campaign is to dissolve the all-too-frequent traffic jams in this French metropolis

At the end of March, the metropolitan authorities of Lille announced the launch of a new anti-traffic jam programme called Ecobonus “Changing, it pays off” (Changer, ça rapporte), and drivers can already sign up to be part of it. The deadline is 12 May.

The word “change” in the campaign title refers to changing one’s habits to getting to work. In other words, picking an alternative that differs from the most popular one – commuting with one’s own personal car.

Every avoided solo journey by a private car will bring 2 euros into the bank account of drivers who have registered as participants. Each one of them can get up to 80 euros per month this way, which is the upper limit of the financial incentive.

What are the alternatives?

The biggest reason, among other things, behind the occurrence of traffic jams is the number of solo drivers who use the roads leading into the city during rush hours.

That’s why the metropolitan authorities of the French city are suggesting other alternatives that drivers could consider, such as carpooling, cycling, telecommuting, using public transport or shifting their trips to fall outside of peak hours. Any one of these options is valid and would be rewarded with cash. The only option that will not do is changing one’s driving route, while still driving alone.

Each journey avoided by car must be reported on the "Changer, ça rapporte" mobile application.

The Ecobonus program "Changer, ça rapporte" is being tested on an experimental basis for 9 months, from September 2023 to June 2024, on the A1 and A23 motorways leading into Lille. If traffic jams are reduced, the programme could be deployed on other roads. After June 2024, the system will be made permanent with a loyalty programme in partnership with local merchants.



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