L-R: Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria) Daniel Panov, EIB Vice-President Lilyana Pavlova, Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister for regional development Grozdan Karadzhov, MEP Iskra Mihaylova and Iliya Lingoski, Moderator, Source: Krasimir Svrakov /

Lilyana Pavlova, EIB: The crisis is a catalyst for a green transition

Lilyana Pavlova, EIB: The crisis is a catalyst for a green transition

"Cohesion policy has changed to meet the challenges of the day," said the Vice-President of the European Investment Bank at today’s conference 'The Day after tomorrow: Policies for Growth in Sofia'

We have to regard the crisis as a catalyst for the green transition and the green transformation. The [EIB] will play its part in the support of the Bulgarian economy and business, in order to carry out this transition in a fair way”. These were the words of Lilyana Pavlova, Vice President of the European Investment Bank (EIB), during the national conference The Day After tomorrow: Policies for growth, organised by and, with the strategic partnership of the European Investment Bank and the media partnership of TheMayor.EU.

Ms Pavlova also said that the cohesion policy has undergone a change in order to respond to the new challenges and the Bank has adapted so as to invest in digitalisation and the green transition. The event was an opportunity for the Bank to present the Cohesion Policy orientation 2021-2027 and to reiterate that the institution has experts ready to assist and consult municipalities in drafting projects as under NextGenerationEU and their implementation.

Policies for growth, in times of societal and geopolitical transformations

The event was inaugurated by Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, whose speech also focused on the opportunities that the crisis is bringing about. “At the moment, the map of Europe is being redrawn and Bulgaria will emerge from the crisis more diversified and stronger,” he said, as quoted by He also talked about his recent visit to Kiev where he closely observed rockets falling upon civic buildings. Instead of being desperate, however, locals have assured him that “this will unite us, and we now have a European future”.

Finally, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms Elisa Ferreira also addressed the audience with a video speech. Speaking to representatives of Bulgarian local authorities, businesses, regions and the civic sector, in the presence of Members of the European Parliament, she confirmed that Europe remains united facing the Ukraine crisis:

These days we were bluntly reminded that Europe’s energy independence and transition to renewable energy sources is not only dictated by our climate neutrality commitments but by the geopolitical reality we face.

The rise in energy prices and supply disruption we are experiencing are a direct result of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. And as we have done in the past, with other challenges, we need to remain united and address this issue together and with solidarity.”

The full webinar is available in video on the Facebook event.



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